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Can I know who polished my diamond?

Yes, We have a partnership with S. Muller & Sons, based in Antwerp for over 60 years, and you can have direct transparency to the diamonds and polishers!Their Master Cutters are known globally as the best in the business, and we encourage our clients to come for a visit and see the factory themselves.

Are your diamonds conflict-free?

Always! we have zero tolerance for conflict diamonds and on top of that the European and Belgian Law is very strict about this matter. Our diamonds are fully certified by the best labs in the world, in addition to our commitment to provide total transparency about the diamonds' provenance through a direct link with the manufacturer.

How can I know the diamond is really high quality?

Our diamonds are fully certified and immediately thereafter sealed in a tamper-free card by the best labs in the world. We will always ship the diamond in this sealing. We work with the most reputable independent laboratories in the world: GIA and IGI.

What is your "One of Two" offer?

We occasionally can offer you the option of having two diamonds sent to you in case you are not sure which one is more suitable. After all, you can only fully appreciate the diamond once it is in your own hands.

Where are your diamonds? Are the diamonds in Antwerp, Belgium?

All diamonds listed in this website are available for viewing in Antwerp, Belgium. These are real diamonds, from the actual manufacturer - our partner, S. Muller & Sons. Masters of Light is the only company offering a direct connection so you can have access to the best certified diamonds online.

Tell me more about the company you partnered with?

S. Muller & sons is based in Antwerp for over 60 years. Their Master Cutters are known globally as the best in the business, and we encourage our clients to come for a visit and see their factory.

What is an EightStar diamond?

EightStar is a pioneering diamond cut standard created in Japan, in the 1980's by Mr Tamura. The EightStar is a round diamond, with the same amount of facets but it's perfectly symmetrical, and it requires a near impossible level of perfection in the polishing process. A Hearts & Arrows diamond is a similar attempt at achieving perfect symmetry, and it has become more prevalent in the market because it uses the EightStar scheme exclusively in the pavillion part of the diamond, but not in the crown side. The EightStar is perfectly similar both in the pavillion and crown sides of the diamond - another level of craftsmanship added to the diamond.

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